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Well-being that moves work forward

Designed by clinical experts, Therify is how innovative companies enhance the performance of their people.

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Poor well-being is bad for business

Half of client-facing employees say their performance is bad due to poor well-being, resulting in lost revenue and diminished productivity.

Everything you need to take care of your people, all in one place.

Our clinically-backed well-being solutions help People leaders reduce employee stress, increase performance, and showcase the strategic value of their work.
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Increase wellbeing & maximize ROI

Custom provider network

Design a custom network of in-network therapists tailored to your employees needs. Offer streamlined access to the best in-network providers, recruited and vetted by Therify.

Reduce costs

Digital care navigation

Offer access to licensed Care Navigators who match employees to licensed therapists in your network.

Employee joining a live ERG programming session where they work

Drive engagement

Group support for teams and affinity groups

Drive engagement through virtual events and group support for teams.

Optimize performance

Dedicated coaching for client-facing teams

Offer an on-site or virtual coaching program to reduce stress and increase performance for client-facing teams.

We help people leaders replace high stress with high performance


Better Outcomes

92% of employees report improved mental health symptoms


Lower Costs

Up to $800 of cost savings per employee


Higher Engagement

4x higher engagement than Employee Assistance Programs

The cost of poor well-being is high, but Therify makes it easy to prevent

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Why Therify?

Hear why we started Therify from our CEO, James