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Well-being that moves work forward

Designed by clinical experts, Therify is how innovative companies enhance the performance of their people.

Trusted by innovative employers

Poor well-being is bad for business

Half of client-facing employees say their performance is bad due to poor well-being, resulting in lost revenue and diminished productivity.

One platform. Everything you need to take care of your people.

Our clinically-backed well-being solutions help People leaders reduce employee stress, increase performance, and showcase the strategic value of their work.

Stress Management

On-site and virtual coaching to help employees reduce stress and improve performance

Community and Belonging

Evidence-based mental health, DEIB, and manager trainings facilitated by clinical experts

Accessible Mental Healthcare

Personalized matching with in-network, licensed therapists vetted by Therify's clinical team

We help People leaders replace high stress with high performance


Better Outcomes

92% of employees report improved mental health symptoms


Lower Costs

Up to $800 of cost savings per employee


Higher Engagement

4x higher engagement than Employee Assistance Programs

The cost of poor well-being is high, but Therify makes it easy to prevent

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Why Therify?

Hear why we started Therify from our CEO, James